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What is K2C ?

Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) is a partnership of thirteen organisations and numerous businesses, landowners and individuals (associate members) working with landholders in South East NSW (K2C region) to conserve and recover our grasslands, woodlands, riparian and wetland areas, small bush birds, arboreal mammals and treasured forest communities and species. K2C focuses on  these key targets to promote connectivity conservation and is a regional partner in the much broader  Great Eastern Ranges initiative.

How to become involved?
  • Become informed
  • Practice sustainable management
  • Manage land for biodiversity and connectivity conservation
  • Become an associate member of K2C
  • Become a K2C volunteer


Over the past 200 years, the distribution of native grasslands and woodlands throughout the region has contracted considerably resulting in the fragmentation of vegetation and a subsequent loss in habitat for many native animals. As a consequence the landscape is under considerable stress with its long term agricultural and environmental production capacity being severely reduced. Climate change predictions will increase the future challenges for all land managers.

K2C might be ambitious but its goals are achievable. The investment and effort made by many landholders over the past 30 years already has done much to enhance and restore grasslands and woodlands, which have become island havens and refuges for native plants and animals.

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K2C is offering landholders in the region help to build a connected landscape with a range of management options that may include advice as well as funding. The K2C project complements existing catchment management goals and a broader connectivity conservation approach. K2C combines a broad team of existing community groups and government agencies with experience in working with landholders to solve environmental and land management issues. K2C is the primary contact point for those people interested in being involved.

» K2C Brochure (PDF 1,645 KB)

K2C targets include:

  • grasslands
  • woodlands
  • wetlands and riparian areas
  • small bush birds
  • arboreal mammals
  • threatened forest species

Want to know more? Want to get involved?

Scientists now recognise that inter-connected natural habitats are likely to be more resilient to a range of impacts including climate change and will provide the best opportunity for species and ecosystems to adapt. This approach is being developed as part of a new national initiative - the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative - to maintain and improve connectivity of natural habitats along the great eastern ranges.

K2C will form a critical link in this bold national plan.

If you want to get involved or just learn a little more about K2C then tear off the section in the K2C Brochure (PDF 1,645 KB), complete your details and mail to:

K2C Project Facilitator
c/- Post Office
NSW 2626

You can also get in touch via email at facilitator@k2c.org.au including your name, address and phone number, or call Lesley Peden on 0400 806 089.

See images of the Kosciuszko to Coast area and activities on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14085150@N05/

See images of the Great Eastern Ranges initiative on Flickr at:


African Love Grass

African Love Grass factsheet African love grass is a significant weed. It has spread rapidly and has the potential to invade the whole of south eastern Australia.

A factsheet prepared for the agricultural industry using 3D weed principles: Deliberation, Diversity and Diligence.

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