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Project Dragon - The Grassland Earless Dragon Project

Project dragonProject Dragon is a local collaborative conservation project aimed to inform farmers, landholders and land managers about the Grassland Earless Dragon, a locally occurring reptile which is highly endangered and at risk of extinction.

In December last year, the Commonwealth government hosted a workshop on the Grassland Earless Dragon where experts on the species from all around Australia attended to discuss some alarming research that indicated the species was at a very high risk of extinction.

Project Dragon is a result of that workshop. Tim McGrath from the University of Canberra’s Institute for Applied Ecology has been studying the species for the last four years on the Monaro and said ‘this little dragon is right on our back doorstep and the key to saving it from extinction is to inform farmers about the Grassland Earless Dragon and work with them to ensure its habitat is retained and managed long into the future’. Project Dragon will be an ongoing conservation initiative championed by Tim himself.

Tim stated ‘the Grassland Earless Dragon is definitely one of the most endangered species in south eastern Australia, very few people know about it and we want to change this. Its status and the level of threat that it faces are similar, if not more concerning, than other big concern species like the Leadbeater’s Possum in Victoria, the Tasmanian Devil and the Southern Cassowary in Queensland. 

Project Dragon will kick off this winter and information on the species will be distributed directly to landholders and organisations within the range of the species in hope that new discoveries of this remarkable little dragon will be made and landholders will come forward ready to assist in its recovery.

Please take a look at the Project Dragon booklet.


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African Love Grass

African Love Grass factsheet African love grass is a significant weed. It has spread rapidly and has the potential to invade the whole of south eastern Australia.

A factsheet prepared for the agricultural industry using 3D weed principles: Deliberation, Diversity and Diligence.

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