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K2C Plant and Seed Suppliers List - REVISED JUNE 2014

Where to get local provenance native plants and seeds in the K2C region?

K2C is very excited to announce it has produced this terrific resource. For years we have been asked where does one get local native (indigenous) plant material from. Until now there has been no easy answer. This question also arose during the rolling out of our Monaro Landscape Connectivity project. 

Lauren Van Dyke, the K2C Facilitator, along with Helen Shimitras ( a much valued K2C volunteer) took up this challenge and pulled together a two page list. This has taken a fair amount of work and many hours searching for suppliers and an exchange with them on appropriate and current text. While some of the information on some suppliers is limited, it will no doubt improve as the list becomes more accepted and widely distributed.  

This list will assist landholders undertaking conservation planting where plantings should only include local native (indigenous) plants appropriate to the vegetation community they are restoring.

Local gardeners may also find this list useful. K2C would also like to hear back from suppliers and purchasers to improve the usefulness of the information.  

Download the list here - K2C Plant and Seed suppliers List REVISED JUNE 2014


African Love Grass

African Love Grass factsheet African love grass is a significant weed. It has spread rapidly and has the potential to invade the whole of south eastern Australia.

A factsheet prepared for the agricultural industry using 3D weed principles: Deliberation, Diversity and Diligence.

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