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African Love Grass information

ALG Factsheet


A factsheet prepared for MLA and AWI using 3D weed management principles (Deliberation, Diversity, Diligence). Version 2.5

» Fact sheet (PDF 275 KB)

Community ecology


Early emergence and resource availability can competitively favour natives over a functionally similar invader


By Jennifer Firn, Andrew S. MacDougall, Susanne Schmidt and Yvonne M. Buckley.

...In this study, we measured competitive interactions among an invasive grass and two Australian native grasses that are functionally similar and widely distributed. ...

» Download from the Springer-Verlag website (PDF 334 KB)

African Lovegrass Workshop Proceedings

12 Dec 2008

Proceedings from the workshop held at Scottsdale run to get input from a range of people who have ALG experience or responsibilities including government officers, scientists, agronomists and landholders that manage it on a daily basis.

» Proceedings (PDF 149 KB)

ALG Bibliography

A listing on many useful references on managing African lovegrass.

» Bibliogrpahy (PDF 66 KB)

African Love Grass

African Love Grass factsheet African love grass is a significant weed. It has spread rapidly and has the potential to invade the whole of south eastern Australia.

A factsheet prepared for the agricultural industry using 3D weed principles: Deliberation, Diversity and Diligence.

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